Public Presale Successfully Completed + Date Crowdsale

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our Public Presale.

We received an anostonishing amount of 5500 KYC applications on the first day of the Public Presale Whitelist Registration of which 3000 were eligible to participate after successfully completing our KYC process.

Having reached this important milestone, we now prepare for the coming crowdsale and share with you a couple points of interest;

  • Crowdsale whitelisting will start at 5pm Beijing/China Standard Time (CST) on Monday, January 15. In other timezones this equals:
    10 AM CET/3 AM CST.
  • KYC/AML Whitelisting form will be made available on the APEX official website at the KYC application start time.
  • Those whitelisted (and/or waitlisted) for Public Presale will not have to resubmit information to participate in crowdsale.
  • Those who did not pass KYC whitelisting for Public Presale will have another chance to resubmit applications for crowdsale.

Which wallets can I use to contribute during the crowdsale?
The contributions during the presale were processed manually and because of this, every private wallet could be used to contribute. For the crowdsale however, we will utilize a smart contract.

As of now, the only wallets that support smart contracts are NEON 0.0.6 and NEO GUI. So either of these wallets are required to participate in the crowdsale. We advise NEON 0.0.6 because it is more user friendly. People who are currently using the NEO GUI can simply contribute via that wallet.

We are truly honored by the overwhelming amount of support and interest we’ve received the passed few weeks and look forward towards a fruitful and prosperous future!

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