APEX Technologies was successfully selected by SocialOne as 2020 Brand Partner TOP 50 “Cool Vendor”

SocialOne recently released their 2020 “Brand Partner 20 | 50” marketing industry innovation research. As a leading domestic CDP (Customer Data Center) solution provider, APEX Technologies was successfully selected into the Top 50 “Cool Vendor”. This recognition and honor is in addition to previous achievements of Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Technology Platform, Artificial Intelligence Company TOP 100, and the 2019 Big Data Industry Technology Innovation Awards.

This selection again shows that APEX Technologies is a leading player in the marketing technology industry. At the same time, it also proves that APEX Technologies’ CDP is among the best solutions to unify your customer data.

When you use a single customer view as the center of your marketing and data infrastructure, you’ll be able to orchestrate personalized marketing for every stage of your customer life cycle to increase marketing efficiency and return on investment (ROI). This is the primary goal of CDP.

Furthermore, you can also achieve the following goals through CDP:

1. Unified activation of all first-party data in the customer life cycle, not just data generated by conversions or transactions

According to David Raab of the CDP Institute, most marketers are “lost in the data forest” and therefore cannot effectively integrate and use existing data. Lack of understanding of your data is unfortunately very common in the industry.

With CDP, you can gather data from different systems and data sources in one place, and use this data for real-time marketing, activate personalized marketing, thus bringing mutually beneficial experience to customers and business. This also makes marketers more effective in at all stages of the customer life cycle.

2. Own and manage first-party data without ongoing IT help

In addition to initial participation and implementation, our CDP wants to enable you to fully own and manage your first-party data without the need for ongoing IT help with data collection, cleansing, segmentation, and transferring data to other platforms. You can directly access and activate data at the speed you need at the same time decreasing the need for IT involvement.

In other words, you gain a sense of freedom — or “liberation” — from IT which is exactly what other professional marketers lack now.

3. Use what you have, do your best to speed up your goals and values

In achieving KPIs and business goals, your management has specific expectations for you and your marketing team. KPI goals and priorities can change as the marketing environment changes. You need a solution that allows you to achieve your desired goals and be able to scale flexibly.

Whether it’s improving efficiencies within your organization, activating unified data to turn repeat visitors into paying customers, securing more repeat purchases from high-value buyers, or selling more products to highly engaged fans.

Face the ever-changing market and “from now on, use your all and do your best”. We want marketers who use CDP to quickly get use cases in the marketplace, achieve KPI goals and business goals, and plan marketing paths for the future. Over time it will continue to gain more value.

4. Quickly deploy AI to make marketing activities and information transmission more intelligent and effective

As AI and machine learning become important elements of modern marketing, many customers want to adopt predictive models in order to achieve better personalized marketing, but simply lack the skills or resources to do so.

Because truly effective personalized marketing not only requires a comprehensive understanding of who the customer is, for example, a potential customer, a one-time customer, or a daily site visitor, but also the ability to predict their future possibilities to interact with you.

Leveraging the power of data science, our AI module focuses on improving marketing at your fingertips. You can deploy “off-the-shelf” predictive models with stored customer profiles to segment and activate as needed.

With a predictive model, you can gain insight into the Customer Life Value (CLV) of certain market segments and the tendency of customers to buy, enabling intelligent management of the life cycle of value and improving marketing power.

As we all know, the ideal marketing solution is often one that evolves with changes in strategy, demand and development. With the ever changing marketing structure and market environment, CDP is also constantly evolving (in the article “ CDP Raiders 2020 “, we have also sorted out CDP for reference). As a leading CDP supplier in China, we sincerely hope that we can better serve you in the coming weeks, months and even years.


Let’s go back to the SocialOne 2020 Brand Partner.

The SocialOne Brand Partner points to a new stage of relationship between the brand and the supplier, from the traditional service and serviced relationship, to a longer-term, mutually trusted cooperative relationship. Brand Partner 20 | 50 through online public solicitation and qualitative assessment by professional teams, 20 industry leading companies Top 20 Large Enterprise and Top 50 Cool Company representing industry innovation trends and new growth points are selected each year. These companies come from consulting, integrated marketing, creative, public relations, media, independent IP media, e-commerce retail, marketing technology and many other tracks, and continue to create value for brand customers. 2020 Brand Partner brand partners 20 | 50 have more than 200+ business units participating.

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APEX Technologies provides an enterprise customer data technology solution that helps marketers connect, unify, analyze, and activate their customer data.

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