APEX Public Presale & Crowdsale FAQ

How can I whitelist myself (KYC process) for the Public Presale?
Sorry — the KYC process is closed.

Public Presale timeline & what is my exact NEO contribution?
[January 3]
Last day for whitelist approved applicants to confirm participation via login system (apex.chinapex.com) [Ends at 11:59PM CST Beijing time]

[January 4]
First wave of waitlist participants get upped to whitelist. We have set the NEO: USD Ratio for Public Presale at 1 NEO: 102.40 USD. Each person’s contribution will be set at $1333 equivalent in NEO. This will set the individual contribution amount at ❗️13 NEO ❗️(no more, no less) for public presale. Any amount different from 13 NEO will be refunded and your spot will get fed to the waitlist.

[January 5]
Public presale begins at 8pm CST Beijing time / this equals 1pm CET or 4am PST. Exact instructions will be released via login.

[January 7]
Deadline for first wave of contributions, those who do not send in NEO in a timely manner will get dropped. Next wave of waitlisted applicants get upped to whitelist. [Ends at 11:59PM CST Beijing time]

[January 8]
The next wave of applicants on the waitlist will be upped to whitelist statuses will be viewable via login at apex.chinapex.com.

[January 10] Public presale concludes

How Can I whitelist myself (KYC process) for the crowdsale?
Crowdsale whitelisting will start on 5pm Beijing/China Standard Time (CST) on Monday, January 15. In other timezones this equals: 10 AM CET / 3 AM CST.
- KYC/AML Whitelisting form will be made available on the APEX official website (apex.chinapex.com) at the KYC application start time.
- Those whitelisted (and/or waitlisted) for public presale will not have to resubmit information to participate in crowdsale.
- Those who did not pass KYC whitelisting for public presale will have another chance to resubmit applications for crowdsale.

When is the crowdsale?
The crowdsale date is currently set at Monday January 29, 2018. The NEO: USD ratio will be set 1 day before the crowdsale.

How do I confirm participation if I have been upped from the waitlist to the whitelist?
Statuses are viewable via login at apex.chinapex.com. For those who are upped to the whitelist, there will be no need confirm participation (there is no button). Any applicants who do not follow proper instructions in contribution by Jan 7 will be dropped from their guaranteed spots. Exact instructions for public presale will be available via login on Friday Jan 5, 8pm Beijing/China Standard Time.

To be clear:
At this point there is no more confirmation button for applicants on the waitlist that have been upped to the whitelist. Proper payment is confirmation.

What does “KYC Status: Status changed & KYC Status Remark: You have been upped from the waitlist to the main public presale whitelist.” mean?
You have been upped from the waitlist to the whitelist and are approved / ready to contribute in the Public Presale! Congratulations!

What wallet can I use to contribute?
- Presale
(NO smart contract): Advised wallets are NEON / NEOtracker / NEO GUI — What matters most is that you own the private keys.
- Crowdsale (smart contract): NEON Wallet 0.0.6 & NEO GUI

Are there transfer costs (fees / gas) levied on NEO or NEP-5 tokens transactions?
No, all transactions on the NEO blockchain involve no fees.

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