We are pleased to share the updated roadmap for our blockchain development and integration. Contained herein you will find the planned milestones with associated timelines and checkpoints from August 2020 until the summer of 2021.

APEX Blockchain Development Roadmap

1 — Mainnet Redeployment (Late Q3/early Q4'20)

2 — Desktop wallet (Q4'20)

Note: The first version may not support hardware wallets due to external factors such as application review processes.

3 — APEX Federated Learning (Q1'21-Q2'21)

4 — APEX Oracles (Q1'21 onwards)

APEX Network blockchain development roadmap

Throughout the entire period we aim to provide consistent and frequent progress updates to enable the community to follow the progress in accordance with the stated timelines as each checkpoint is met and each main item completed.

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APEX Network

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