APEX Network Community Supernode Initiative

4 min readJul 14, 2019


On July 10th we opened applications for community members who wanted to take part in further testing and assisting our developer team through deploying a supernode on the APEX Network blockchain. The aim for this initiative is two fold: On the one hand we would like to enlist the help of as many “able minded” community members as possible to test different features, discover edge cases that may require code upgrades and test decentralization aspects of the network. On the other hand we want as many as possible to get to know the core of the project; the tech. Deploying a node, using the CLI, looking up actions performed on your own node on the block explorer — it provides quite a different perspective compared to reading an announcement about something happening in a different part of the world.

The response was overwhelming, and in four short days we have received 36 applications from people across five continents! Experience levels among applicants vary quite a lot, but a common factor is an interest in peeking “under the hood” and engaging with the project on another level. We have received applications from everything from highly experienced advanced systems engineers to regular tech curious community members. In keeping with our goal of having as many as possible take part in the experience, we have decided to approve everyone!

We are very happy to present the list of approved applicants

Abellinii — Boris Tomažin — L F — Gatzko — yed — DeviousOne — Tomek T — Hypolite Hypolite — Mr X (TG name unknown) — Koen Hendriks — Crypto Commander — BK Ong — Sidonpee — taiwer — CodageJan — NSP — Rob — Žiga Flis — AR — Jammin — Ender — Viking Buda — Martin — Magnus — Mordrew — Fernand — Iflion — Andy Andy — Ben — Jowe — Robbin — Stephan — Super Crypto Trader — GTx — Michael McGuire — Marcelo

Some preliminary practical information

  • We recommend that every prospective node operator investigates different providers of dedicated server hosting solutions. Virtualized solutions (VPS) are not recommended as virtualization severly impacts performance. Deploying a node from a home computer is not recommended for multiple reasons unless the operator commands expert skills. Minimum specs for the dedicated server:
    - CPU cores: 4
    - RAM: 16GB
    - SSD: ~500GB capacity
    - Bandwidth: 100Mbps or more
    - OS: Ubuntu 18.04
  • APEX Network will be reimbursing rental costs in full for the first month, up to a maximum of €105. Reimbursement will be happen in the CPX equivalent of the sum paid, shortly after presentation of the invoice to one of our community managers. Coverage of server rental may be extended for some or all node operators depending on level of engagement, pregress of testing and other factors, and new applicants may be admitted at a later date. Please await official confirmation before extending your leases beyond the first month.
  • Examples of hosting providers: OVH — reliable, datacentres in North America (Canada), Europe (multiple countries) and Australia. One type of server fulfilling the requirements for North America and Europe is Rise 1, for Australia Game 32 is a good fit. Another good provider with servers in Finland and Germany is HetznerEX52 provides ample power. Feel free to look up other providers — we would be particularly happy if anyone is able to locate a provider in South America or Africa that can supply the necessary HW at a reasonable cost.
  • Note: After you’ve found your preferred server, please do not order it just yet. The team and our community management are making the necessary preparations for the mass node deployment, and it will be announced through email when everything is ready.
  • An easy to use deployment script that facilitates installation of the node on a blank Ubuntu server has already been written by our technical ambassador and is available in our Tech Telegram group. Slight adjustments to the script will be made before deployment.
  • When everything is ready, the peer IPs will be supplied to each node operator to enable everyone to finalize configuration of their nodes and connect with the APEX Network blockchain.
  • Main support for our prospective supernode deployers will be provided by our technical ambassador Aldo Raine and our community management team through our Tech Telegram group, with assistance from the dev team in Shanghai whenever necessary. Please note that it would be quite challenging to handle 36 separate private conversations, so to the largest degree possible we wish to keep all non-sensitive questions and information in this group. This has the added benefit of enlightening everyone else who is perhaps a bit shy, but wondering about the same thing as you are.

Wishing you all an interesting noding experience,

Uncle Jimmy, the APEX dev team & The CM Team of APEX Network

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