APEX Network CEO Jimmy Hu selected by Hurun Report as “2018 Hurun 30X30 Entrepreneur Leader”

On September 27th, the Hurun Research Institute released the “2018 Hurun 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur Leaders” list, and APEX Network and APEX Technologies founder and CEO, Jimmy Hu was selected.

The list relies on the Hurun Report database to conduct in-depth research and comprehensive analysis of nearly 500 innovative companies. The dimensions of candidate assessment cover industry influence; enterprise growth in the past year; the positive energy index, while measuring the size and financing of the company, and the entrepreneurs of this age category. All of these different factors are taken into account while judging the entrepreneurial leaders under the age of 30.

Mr. Hu Run (Rupert Hoogewerf), Chairman of Hurun Report, said that the biggest value brought by this list is the unimaginable entrepreneurial spirit of the younger generation. They have a good educational background, a global vision and a sense of innovation. They represent the future and are a strong driving force for China’s development.

As a representative of the domestic big data and AI industry, Jimmy Hu showed strong interest in big data, marketing, and artificial intelligence technologies during his college years. During his residence in the United States, the experience of internal marketing system development and data mining for large clients such as Microsoft gave him a deeper understanding and insight into the market. After returning to China, Jimmy Hu founded APEX Technologies (formerly known as Chinapex). Under his leadership, APEX Technologies has created a data-driven solution that combines data management, AI and blockchain technologies to focus on large enterprises in the vertical sector. At present, APEX Technologies has served more than 300 large and medium-sized domestic and foreign companies covering the financial, tourism, automotive, e-commerce and retail industries.

Prior to winning the 2018 Hurun 30X30 Entrepreneurship Leader, Jimmy Hu has been listed as Forbes China 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur. The experience of being selected for the “30 Under 30” list twice means that the authoritative media in the business community affirm and appreciate his business model and the industry changes he brings. Jimmy Hu has always been at the forefront of the industry through his own innovation and product strategy. However, his larger vision is to promote the construction of a digital marketing ecosystem centered on data and data technology through his own efforts to achieve a common improvement in corporate brand value and customer satisfaction.

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