APEX Network blockchain development progress

2 min readAug 1, 2020


Development status report — #3

We hope you have been looking forward with a degree of anticipation to our next biweekly detailed dev update — and in keeping with our earlier target, here it is:

Week 30 — tasks completed

  • Economic model and product design for APEX Federated Learning dApp
  • Started development of the APEX Federated Learning dApp
  • Completed deployment verification of the Ledger CPX BOLOS app and Ledger Nano S integrated environment
  • APEX Federated Learning and internal IQ product related iterative design

Week 31 — tasks completed

  • Added unit test module for the Command Line Interface
  • Designed the structure and module of the APEX Federated Learning smart contract
  • Integrated the design of the APEX IQ and the APEX Federated Learning module

That’s it for now — as you can see part of our focus is on the integration of our blockchain services with our existing products to make it as easy as possible for enterprises to enhance their product suite with the benefits that our blockchain services can offer. Next update scheduled for two weeks from now!

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