APEX Network blockchain development progress

Development status report — #9

Dear community members,

Below you will find an overview of development tasks performed over the last two weeks

Week 43–44 — tasks completed

The work done over the last two weeks focused on the Ledger app / desktop wallet integration as well as preparing the merger.

  • Rebuilt the Ledger BOLOS docker. Performed an upgrade of the CPX application within Ledger Nano S. Completed tests for retrieving user data
  • Testing/troubleshooting of the Ledger firmware updates. Documented details surrounding the CPX Ledger application
  • Testing/troubleshooting of the database operations related to light node deployment
  • Implemented Ledger integration module interfaces (connection, login, signature, etc.) for the desktop wallet, troubleshooted .js file import
  • Requirements clarification and scheme discussion related to the CPX/PHX merger

The work done during weeks 43–44 relates to the following items on our roadmap:

1 — Mainnet Redeployment (Late Q3/early Q4'20)

  • Finish thorough assessment of framework and codebase (Q3'20)

2 — Desktop wallet (Q4'20)

· Initial release of the desktop wallet (Late Q3 / Early Q4'20)

· Second iteration of the desktop wallet — feature rich, built-in HW wallet supportQ4'20)

The next development update is expected two week from now!

Thank you for your time,


APEX Network




Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications

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Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications

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