APEX Network blockchain development progress

Development status report — #5

Another two weeks have passed, and we are happy to share the latest aspects of our blockchain related progress:

Week 34 — tasks completed

  • We have constructed the APEX Federated Learning register module using Vyber (contract language like Python). This register module is used with AFL’s to aid the data requestor in searching for relevant data providers and verifying their identity

Week 35 — tasks completed

  • This week we continued with the refactoring of the communication between the light node and the MongoDB module to further perfect its functioning

The work done during weeks 34–35 relates to the following items on our roadmap:

1 — Mainnet Redeployment (Late Q3/early Q4'20)

  • Finish thorough assessment of framework and codebase (Q3'20)

2 — Desktop wallet (Q4'20)

  • Initial release of the desktop wallet (Late Q3 / Early Q4'20)

3 — APEX Federated Learning (Q1'21-Q2'21)

  • Optimize encryption scheme efficiency (Late Q3 / Early Q4'20)

Next status report expected in two weeks!

Thank you for your time,


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