APEX Network blockchain development progress

Development status report — #8

Dear community members,

Below you will find an overview of development tasks performed over the last three weeks

Week 40 — tasks completed

This week’s focus topics were a continuation of the work from week 39 — Ledger and Federated learning

  • We continued making headway with the technical work regarding Ledger implementation
  • Continued work on the oracle scheme
  • Further federated learning opcode optimizations

Week 41 — national holiday

Week 42 — tasks competed

This week our focus topics were our oracle protocol and the technical aspect of our partnership with Red Pulse

  • Completed further frontend work for the Desktop Client
  • Finished the cooperation solidity contract between APEX and Red Pulse
  • Chainlink, Tellor, DOS, Band and NEST were selected to converge into the aggregated oracle protocol
  • Completed script for Nep-5 batch transaction querying

The work done during weeks 40–42 relates to the following items on our roadmap:

2 — Desktop wallet (Q4'20)

· Initial release of the desktop wallet (Late Q3 / Early Q4'20)

· Second iteration of the desktop wallet — feature rich, built-in HW wallet supportQ4'20)

3 — APEX Federated Learning (Q1'21-Q2'21)

· Deploy the APEX Federated Learning smart contracts (Q4'20)

4 — APEX Oracles (Q1'21 onwards)

· Release APEX’s own Oracle Plan (Q3 ‘20)

· Develop the on-chain and off-chain specifications (Q4‘20)

The next development update is scheduled for two weeks from now!

Thank you for your time,


APEX Network




Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications

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Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications

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