APEX Network blockchain development progress

Development status report — #1

Development focus, weeks 22–27 (May 25th — July 3rd)

  • Redesigned APEX Federated Learning (AFL) code logic to increase the scalability of subsequent models
  • Fixed an APEX Network light node memory overflow vulnerability
  • Completed the AFL distributed RSA Intersection server search service (identifies the intersection of consumers between enterprises, on the premise of not divulging other consumers’ data)
  • Ran tests on the AFL distributed intersection service; Initially too low efficiency, increased raw intersection and rewritten to rectify this
  • Implemented the design and code of the APEX Network supernode permission splitting (a measure to ensure the safety of producer funds), tested and verified changes
  • Tackled various optimizations to deal with network overfitting problems and added general hyperparameter adjustments
  • Optimized the AFL XGBoost algorithm complexity through reducing calculation and communication complexity
  • Enhanced the AFL XGBoost algorithm to support regularization, sub_sample, sub_features, early stop, random seed and multiple other features. AFL XGBoost will support regularization of trees
  • Found classification faster than regression for the AFL XGBoost algorithm, identified the issue and found a solution to optimize this
  • Observed that AFL XGBoost multi-process support and multi-process efficiency is not as good as single thread. Hypothesized that the cost of opening the interpreter is too high and optimizing this
  • Unit tested the core and CLI after multiple optimizations had been implemented, located a couple of issues which were solved and afterwards tested (CLI failed to create wallet and obtain account information, produced a nonce error for transactions — all solved). Investigated and solved failed unit tests for the core, refactoring the code in the process

APEX Network



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