APEX Network and Red Pulse Phoenix to Merge and Develop Horizon DeFi Platform

Immediate strategic benefits

● A more comprehensive enterprise data blockchain platform consisting of 1st party (consumer-related) data applications + 3rd party data (market data, external data, enterprise ESG data) with a larger enterprise ecosystem (B2C companies + financial institutions)

Features of the merged entity

The more comprehensive and stronger enterprise blockchain platform will include the following aspects:

HORIZON — The DeFi Platform for Real-World Assets

Logistics — What to Expect

We understand that this may be a lot of information to take in, and much more specific information will be released in the following days in chunks, but below is a summary of what to expect:

Additional Items/Notes

● The merger’s token exchange ratio will be 1:2.5, and is calculated based on a 60-day moving average (trailing average) of the price of both tokens. After thorough consideration, this is the best method of calculation of recent “smoothed” value, taking various factors such as volatility and outlier data points into consideration, and is a fair approach for both sides. Thus, 1 CPX (NEP-5) will be exchanged for market value proportional 2.5 PHB. After the value peg, it’s only natural that the value of the tokens pre-swap would be linked.

APEX Network



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