APEX crowdsale has successfully ended.

Dear APEX community,

Our Crowdsale has successfully ended. We thank the APEX community for their continued participation and support. CPX distribution will start later this week after the transaction audit by our team. Stay tuned to our Telegram and Twitter for newest updates.

A short while after the start of our crowd sale, malicious actors were able to take control over our website and change the correct ICO address. Twitter & Telegram were NOT harmed. We decided to immediately take down our website and go for an alternative route, i.e. post the correct address via our social media (Telegram & Twitter). We also posted a selfie of our CEO showing the correct address timestamped on a piece of paper.

We will make sure that users that have contributed NEO to the wrong address will receive their rightful amount of CPX. Only payments made to the specific address in the website will be honoured.

We thank you for your tremendous support and look forward towards a successful future.


Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications

Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications