Announcement: Crowdsale + Airdrop

Dear APEX Community,

Since the launch of the APEX Network project, we have received a large amount of support from early investors, strategic partners, and the larger APEX community. The APEX team, our community managers, and Chinapex would like to first and foremost thank everyone in the APEX community for their substantial amount of interest, support, and participation.

Within the past few weeks due to the rapid increase of the price of NEO, we are almost at our hardcap of $25M for what we raised during private and public presale. This leaves very little to no room for crowdsale.

To ensure the crowdsale takes place and has as much room as possible for the larger community to participate, we are initiating refunds to our private sale investors. This was not an easy decision for us — but as one of our key principles we highly value our community’s participation in token sale itself.

The plan that we will lay forth for the crowdsale will be as follows:

  • The exact cap of the crowdsale will be determined one week before the crowdsale date (1/29),in which the NEO:USD ratio for crowdsale will also be pegged to prevent changes in crowdsale size or plan due to NEO price factors.
  • There will be 10,000 guaranteed participants in the crowdsale (including around 5000 whitelisted prior to public presale)
  • There will be a 7000 person waitlist for those who are whitelisted past the 10,000 person mark)
  • Those on the waitlist who end up not being able to participate in the crowdsale will receive a small airdrop of CPX (exact amount will be announced)

For any inquiries — please contact the APEX community managers.

Best regards and sincerely,


Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications

Blockchain Powering the Next Generation of Consumer Applications