Development status report — #9

Week 43–44 — tasks completed

  • Rebuilt the Ledger BOLOS docker. Performed an upgrade of…

Development status report — #8

Week 40 — tasks completed

  • We continued making headway with the technical work regarding Ledger implementation
  • Continued work on…

Development status report — #7

Week 38 — tasks completed

  • Reviewed desktop wallet source code and design documents to facilitate integration with ledger app.
  • Created specifications for numerical precision model — enhancements to instructions for handling of calculations, rounding, and comparisons.
  • Implemented event listening and…

Development status report — #6

Week 36 — tasks completed

  • Migrated parts of the front end code from the web wallet to adapt to the Ledger wallet integration
  • Smart contracts: Optimized the code…

Development status report — #5

Week 34 — tasks completed

  • We have constructed the APEX Federated Learning register module using Vyber (contract language like Python). …

Development status report — #4

Week 32 — tasks completed

  • Added a handful of light nodes to the blockchain — these will play a…


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