Development status report — #9

Week 43–44 — tasks completed

  • Rebuilt the Ledger BOLOS docker. Performed an upgrade of the CPX application within Ledger Nano S. Completed tests for retrieving user data
  • Testing/troubleshooting of the Ledger firmware updates. Documented details surrounding the CPX Ledger application
  • Testing/troubleshooting of the database operations related to light node deployment
  • Implemented Ledger integration module interfaces (connection, login, signature, etc.) for the desktop wallet, troubleshooted…

Important dates

  • Monday, Nov 2: Apex/Phoenix teams will mint new PHX/PHB tokens to support the new merged supply
  • Friday, Nov 6th (estimated), at NEO block height 6,422,886: Snapshot will be…

CPX:PHX swap ratio and conversion to PHB

Development status report — #8

Week 40 — tasks completed

  • We continued making headway with the technical work regarding Ledger implementation
  • Continued work on the oracle scheme
  • Further federated learning opcode optimizations

Week 41 — national holiday

Week 42 — tasks competed

  • Completed further frontend work for the Desktop Client
  • Finished the cooperation solidity contract between APEX and Red Pulse
  • Chainlink, Tellor, DOS, Band and…

Development status report — #7

Week 38 — tasks completed

  • Reviewed desktop wallet source code and design documents to facilitate integration with ledger app.
  • Created specifications for numerical precision model — enhancements to instructions for handling of calculations, rounding, and comparisons.
  • Implemented event listening and optimised bandwidth for communication via blockchain since APEX Federated Learning can only be conducted through blockchain.

Week 39 — tasks competed

  • Completed approximately 70% of the work on Ledger wallet integration.
  • Defined and documented the APEX blockchain scheme for handing oracles.
  • Optimized code for AFL contract creation using the create2 opcode (instead of the web3…

Buyback channels

  • Exchanges [Primary, will be used for the long term]
  • Private sale investors (OTC) [Secondary, will be used initially for batch trades]


  • Team Buyback

Development status report — #6

Week 36 — tasks completed

  • Migrated parts of the front end code from the web wallet to adapt to the Ledger wallet integration
  • Smart contracts: Optimized the code of the Apex Federated Learning smart contract to reduce gas consumption
  • Optimized the AFL message standard to reduce gas consumption; the witness hash will be uploaded to the blockchain instead of the encrypted tree data structure

Week 37 — tasks completed

  • Adjusted the UI of the wallet to adapt to the Ledger wallet integration
  • Referenced…

Development status report — #5

Week 34 — tasks completed

  • We have constructed the APEX Federated Learning register module using Vyber (contract language like Python). This register module is used with AFL’s to aid the data requestor in searching for relevant data providers and verifying their identity
  • Implemented the encryption module of the APEX Desktop Client
  • We also refactored the interaction logic of the light node mode and MongoDB to increase fault tolerance, increasing stability and sustained performance.

Week 35 — tasks completed

  • This week we continued with the refactoring of the communication between the light…

Development status report — #4

Week 32 — tasks completed

  • Added a handful of light nodes to the blockchain — these will play a part in ensuring the stability of the mainnet
  • Constructed the development environment for the desktop wallet and drafted the structure of the application code
  • Researched pre-pruning schemes in relation to the operation of the APEX Federated Learning tree based model to optimize AFL performance
  • Actively researching alternative encryption schemes and…


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